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    On the edge of the Wujiang River, the autumn wind and the once overwhelming king of the West Chu stood like a stone statue, staring silently at the opposite bank, and the few soldiers beside him helped each other to support Gouyan. “King Xiang, cross the river!” A soldier said with a faint, almost begging tone. “Yeah, when we arrived in Jiangdong, we regained our strength and killed Liu Bang by surprise! Xiang Yu still didn’t open his mouth, and the residual sun stained his broken armor-even if his Western Chu overlord had the courage to be a millionaire, It ca n��t stand this kind of pass. It ��s time to make a choice��here, the only thing waiting for him is to die. After crossing the river, he can make a comeback. Xiang Yu ��s eyes fell on the other side of the Wujiang River, and he seemed to see that year. The 8,000 soldiers he led to fight against Qin’s pride, as if he saw what he was doing when he broke the wreck, and there was also the eyes of Qiu Shui with the sentimental beauty named Yu Ji. “King Xiang, after crossing the river, everything can start from the beginning.” Yeah! “The roar of the Han army’s Tieqi has gradually approached, and the soldiers hurriedly urged that the day they lifted up from Xiang Yu, he accompanied him to the east and west to discuss, and circumvented from the ghost gate many times. The follower of the Western Chu tyrant can weigh the pros and cons. After crossing the river in the Tuba industry, she can start from the beginning, but she can never come back. That night, Chu Ge, Yu Ji danced for him in the tent, she used her Long eyebrows, wonderful eyes, fingers, waists, with flowers on her bun, pleated skirt around her waist, with her fine dance steps, loud bells, moving slowly like a cloud, whirlwind like a whirlwind. The sword rose and fell Marlboro Cigarettes, she fell in his arms, and died with a smile. At that moment, his heart suddenly collapsed, and his Western Chu overlord was a good boy with great ambitions, but the moment Yu Ji left Wholesale Cigarettes, He would be confused. It felt like a duckweed with a broken root. He did n��t even know how to choose and where to go. “Go back. “The sigh floated and fell in the bloody air. A few drops of tears actually slipped out of Chu Bawang’s eyes. They all said that the men’s tears weren’t flicking, but that was just not up to the heart.” Brothers, cherish ! “Xiang Yu slapped one of the soldiers’ shoulders and uttered a thousand words in a whisper and passed away with the wind. He made his choice. He would rather fall on the battlefield than return to Jiangdong as a loser mokingusacigarettes.com. Carelessly stealing life. “Goodbye. “He evoked an incomplete arc and smiled strongly. He knew very well. This was the last farewell. At the juncture of life and death, he resolutely chose to raise the overlord gun washed with blood, alone and black pressure. The Han army fought. On the Wujiang River, he burned the last drop of blood. When the spear pierced his chest, he recovered his glory. The glory of a king. The king of the generation chose to die. Coming to end the grievances and complaints of Chu Han, but he did not regret that as long as he chose, there is no way out.<br/>Related articles:<br/> NewportCigarettesCoupons
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