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    When the elementary school just learned to write some words, the teacher��s favorite essay question was ��My dream,�� ��I want to be…�� At that time, the concept of dreams was so vague that the words you would write were so limited. So, your dream is to become a “teacher, writer…” and then “talking”, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. At that time, you will fantasize according to the role of your favorite character on TV. It will be like that in the future. How great! You never have to think too seriously, and no one will persuade you to think about how you must do it for the future. In order to find a good job, how many certificates do you have to test? In order to find a good object, what do you have to do? Try to learn which skills Online Cigarettes… At that time, you are just a happy child, you can easily complete the learning task, you can make troubles unreasonably, you can run as fast as the wind, you can leave the mess with your friends and leave a mess to the adults to clean up. You will be happy because you got a candy, because you have been arguing with your sister for a long time, you will be happy because of someone��s praise and shyness, and you will feel that your child is too free because your mother forbids you watching TV. The desire for a long time is always slowly realized, and you really grow up. Going to college, my friends are on the way they want to go. Your friends are also “big friends”. Your head is like being transferred to the “adult mode”. Analyze from a rational perspective. Mom will not be in charge of you as a child. You can watch TV. You can go to classmates to play. You can decide when you sleep and when you start. Isn’t that the freedom you want when you were young? But you found that when I was young, it was really naive. You begin to understand the difference between being a child and growing up. When you are a child, you are the slave of action, the master of thought, and you are an adult. You become the master of action and the slave of thought. When I was young, playing with only one small partner would have a very simple happiness. When I grew up, I felt very lonely even with a group of friends. When I was young, I could spend a long time catching ants, playing with mud, growing up, always thinking about the future consciously or unconsciously, planning time, thinking that I should do all the “meaningful” things. Sometimes I also think that your self-righteous troubles are nothing in the eyes of those who are successful! If you struggle, work hard, and have strength, can you do what you want to do? Can you be your own master of action and thought? Thinking like this, it seems to be very promising. Maybe you should believe that the result is good, the process is bitter, you may only be groping in the process, the result is far or near, and the dreams in the composition when you arrive early or late in primary school are not counted. At least for you. When I grow up, others begin to ask you very seriously. “What are you going to do in the future?” “What kind of person do you want to be?” “What kind of job are you looking for? Well, civil servants should be good, girls, Don’t be too tired, stability is good.”… At this time, you are in a state of confusion, and you are beginning to wonder what kind of person you are? What work is good? Now the doctor’s career is quite delicious and the money is good. The teacher’s future seems to be good and stable. The civil servant is a national staff member. He can do the work for a lifetime Marlboro Cigarettes. The welfare is good Marlboro Lights. The postgraduate examination seems to be ok… Oh, I really don’t know. Which one to choose. Confused like you, what are you entangled? I seem to think that I have chosen which character I can choose. Who will you be? Important, but not the most important, who will you be? I can tell you. You will be anyone you might become, and you may be engaged in any profession that exists or does not exist in the world. Why do you have to specify who you are? Why do you have to define a job for yourself? If you think about it carefully, you shouldn’t think that the most important thing now is to be yourself in the moment? No matter what you are doing right now, the first thing to do is to accept the present self, and then to overcome your laziness, develop good habits, and change little by little. Different life stages have different focuses. Now you are not important. If you repeat yesterday’s laziness, continue to waste time, don’t see the joy and hope of life Carton Of Cigarettes, you won’t be any one you want. Who will you be who you become? Be a self now, then change a little bit and become a tomorrow’s self. Then, in the next stage of your life Wholesale Cigarettes, you will naturally know who you will be.
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