General FAQ

What is MekaMon?

MekaMon is the first product created by Reach Robotics, a company headquartered in Bristol, UK.  Real battling robots, MekaMon are controlled via smartphone app, pairing gaming with robotics and augmented reality. (Additional info TK)

How much does it cost?

For a limited time, a single MekaMon is available for $329, while the Ultimate Battle Pack contains two MekaMons and is available for $599 – a discount of over XX from its retail price of XYZ. Currently the press release says 35% discount (for 2 pack) but does not list the retail price for either 1 robot or 2 robots.

Product FAQ

How do you play?

MekaMon robots are controlled by a free smartphone app, connected via Bluetooth. Play simple, fun games in the MekaMon Arcade; explore the MekaMon Universe, which contains backstory-driven game modes; or visit the Dropzone, your single-player training ground.

What is the MekaMon Universe?

This game mode is back-story driven.

What is the MekAcademy?

This is the training ground where Meka Pilots use training simulations to prepare for the next battle

What games are in the MekaMon Arcade?

  • MekaMaze Madness (Users try to navigate their MekaMon through a moving Maze), users are able to create mazes and share with the community.
  • Tug of War (Placeholder name): The MekaMon is the “rope” Multiple players connect to a MekaMon via the app and fight for control.
  • Last Stand* MekaMon vs augmented reality waves of opponents.

Is the app available for iOS or Android?

The free MekaMon app will be available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

How does MekaMon connect to the app?

Bluetooth LE allows a smartphone or tablet to control MekaMon

How many people can play?

MekaMon spans single-player and multi-player action, supporting a minimum of two for bot-to-bot combat.

What is the DropZone?

This is a free drive mode where players move the robot around and aim to be better pilots, tuning their control skills.

Is MekaMon customizable?

Yes! You can make your MekaMon truly yours with unlimited combinations of shields, weapon upgrades, and decals. More equipment means more ways to play.

How heavy are the MekaMon robots?

The robots are 2.2 pounds to enable swift battle strikes.

Shipping FAQ

When will it ship?

First 500 MekaMon units will begin shipping in January 2017.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, EU, UK and US [to be confirmed]

Other FAQ

Do you need Hololens to play?

MekaMon will use AR within the app on your mobile device, no holographic devices required.

How long does the battery last?

There is one hour of battery life per charge, depending on game play.