MekaMon Universe

It’s 2076 and for three decades aliens have plundered our planet. Humanity appears doomed, until we begin to fight back with the world’s first intelligent battle robot – the MEKAMON – Humanity’s Last Hope.
Which is why we’re taking on new recruits at the MekAcademy. The war is just beginning, and the advancement of MekaMon development never ceases. We’re looking for the best pilots, and we have a new crop of instructors to help mentor them to their fullest potential.
Kai Morrow, Leena Akintola, Henry Brandon and Lieutenant Arisa Thao and other champions are awaiting their newest recruits and will guarantee them varied but top-notch training at the greatest school in the world.

Welcome, to the MekAcademy.

Your First debrief: What is a MekaMon?

In vast underground bunkers our engineers and scientists gathered together and from the salvaged remnants of a single disabled MekaMon, they reverse-engineered the alien technology to build our own version of their machine.
MekaMon function like the aircraft carriers and missile cruisers of days long gone; they are stand-off weapons platforms, packing huge power with the suite of arms and defences they carry. They’re designed to be extremely strong –  physically impregnable, in fact, so their power resides in ranged attacks.
Alongside the construction of the MekaMon hardware, an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) has been developed. This has been designed, not to control the MekaMon’s strategies and tactics – that job requires the judgment of humans – but to enhance the effectiveness of the weapon under human control.
The Neural Network provides a system of software Augmentation (AUGS) Packs which have a wide-ranging series of effects on the MekaMon. MekaMon also have 7 add-on ports for additional weapons, shields and utility units.
Each Add-on for the MekaMon has an AUG pack attached to it.
Debrief over, Lieutenant Thao has need of you.